Series Updates: Owlboy, Camp Sunshine, F.E.A.R.

Hi everyone!

Life’s been pretty manic lately so I haven’t had time to post on here as much! Sorry about that! I’ma try to update it more regularly!

I’m MUCH more active on things like Instagram and Twitter though so be sure to follow me on those!

I’ve started several new series in the last few weeks, so here are links to them all to make catching up nice and easy for you!

Halloween Horror Week – I did a week of horror let’s plays for Halloween, including games like Slender: The Arrival and Timore 5: Halloween Mode!

F.E.A.R. – Full playthrough of the awesome horror FPS!

Camp Sunshine – Fossil Games’ 16-bit horror rpg is a treat for fans of horror movies!

Owlboy – Fantastic hi-bit adventure game from D-Pad Studio!

I also took part in Asylum Jam 2016 and played the extremely promising horror game Mirror Layers! Check it out for yourself on Game Jolt!

I’ve also committed to uploading at least three times per week – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!

Let me know what you think to the latest series and remember to subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss future videos!



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