Review: Virginia

 You can watch my full playthrough of Virginia here!

The story was engrossing and mysterious from start to finish. The lack of dialogue meant I had to pay attention to all of the visual clues and subtle gestures the game presented you with, which it did so in the most effective ways it possibly could have.

The soundtrack was stunning; it drove the story on and added immense weight to the dramatic twists and turns, and did so with such great effect that I completely forgot there was no dialogue.

Visuals were gorgeous throughout. The style may have been quite minimal for the mostpart but it always looked great. More emphasis was placed on character animation due to the lack of dialogue, and it didn’t disappoint. Each character, notably Halperin, expressed themselves well without ever saying a word.


Although the way the game moves you from scene to scene is very cinematic and works in this context, some may find it jarring or frustrating as it can snatch away your chance to fully explore a location, thus potentially missing some of the collectibles you can find scattered around.


Virginia is an engrossing and mysterious thriller that gets its hooks into you early and doesn’t let you go, even after the credits have rolled. It may be a bit too linear for some people and it’s only about 90 minutes long, but it’s a fantastic experience for the small price tag, especially for fans of mystery stories.

2 thoughts on “Review: Virginia

    1. Yep, I agree. It won’t be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others. That said, I’d also tell them how linear it is so they don’t go in expecting it to be something it isn’t.


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