Review: Four Sided Fantasy

 You can watch my full playthrough of Four Sided Fantasy here!



The screen wrap mechanic was used very well throughout the game, with each puzzle varying in difficulty but never being difficult to the point of frustration. As the game went on, it introduced more and more different ways to use the screen wrap which kept things interesting all the way to the end.

The game was divided into several different sections, each taking place during a different season of the year. These seasons all looked and felt distinctly different, and the multi-layered scenery – which added a three-dimensional depth and colourful variety to each side-scrolling level – looked great all the way through.


On several occasions, I found myself either stuck in parts of the scenery, running through solid walls or completely trapped in a broken part of the a level. I actually had to quit the game and restart the whole level at least a couple of times because of these errors which, considering this wasn’t a demo but a game that had been released and I’d paid for, just isn’t good enough. You can see these things happen in my videos, and while I carried on and didn’t let them ruin the overall experience for me, some people may not be so forgiving.


Four Sided Fantasy was consistently fun, clever and interesting throughout its 2-hourish story – which can be experienced again in New Game + mode if you’d like to – so I’d definitely recommend giving it a try, although it really is a shame that the broken parts were missed in QA, because they’re a disappointing and unnecessary downside to an otherwise fun experience.

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