Review: Bound

You can watch my full playthrough of Bound right here!




Bound’s vibrant, abstract art style is a visually striking breath of fresh air. The (minor spoilers here) shift in tone in the later levels is even more effective thanks to clever use of colour, which perfectly compliments the story at each stage of the narrative.

The soundtrack is beautiful throughout; combining electro, ambient and post-rock elements, the score is a perfect accompaniment to the stunning environments and emotional story.

The Princess’ movement and animation is superb. Every step, jump and spin is so smooth and graceful that it makes exploring the levels a joy.




As fantastic as the balletic movement looks and feels, there’s a disappointing lack of variety in the movements themselves. The Princess knows just a handful of steps, and performing them in different orders yields nothing interesting or useful except for a handy long jump move. Considering the game is so artistic and the developers took such great care to capture the dancing so beautifully, it seems a shame that the variety on display is so limited.

(Spoiler Warning) The ending I got (by choosing to knock on the Dad’s door rather than leave) was disappointing. While I appreciate that it’s been left open to interpretation, expecting the player to have pieced things together throughout the game, I felt it ended too abruptly. It just…stopped. That was it. (I don’t know what happens if I select the other option, but I’m assuming the ending is different. Please let me know!).




Bound is a beautiful and engrossing game with striking visuals, gorgeous dance movement and a genuinely emotional story. The lack of variety in the dancing is disappointing without being a major issue, while the ending (at least the one I got) felt like an uncharacteristically abrupt end to an otherwise graceful and mesmerising experience..

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