Journey Review

You can watch my full playthrough of Journey here!




Journey looks and sounds beautiful. The visual style is just gorgeous, with each of the areas I explored looking and feeling so different to each other while remaining believable parts of a big, stunning world. The score is also wonderful from start to finish, perfectly complimenting the gameplay throughout every unique stage of the story.


The movement is so graceful and fluid that it was impossible not to feel a sense of wonder as I jumped, glided, slid and ran around the environments, all of which were perfectly designed for the effortless and satisfying aerial movement used to progress.


The story is open interpretation, but no matter what meaning you find in Journey, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s an engrossing, thought-provoking and surprisingly effective experience. The game’s fantastic, subtle design allowed its emotional power to sneak up on me, never fully giving itself away until the final moments when it left me with a sense of awe. Few games have managed to hit the feels quite like Journey did, which is even more impressive considering this game managed it in less than a couple of hours.




The word “bad” is too harsh for this because there really wasn’t much wrong with Journey, but bear in mind that this game is only around 2 hours long. What it does in that time, it does so well that any flaws it has don’t really have enough time to manifest, at least not to the point they’re noticeable. This game is a great case of all killer, no filler, even if the time you get with it is short-lived, and its creators should get credit for not dragging it out longer than was absolutely necessary.


That would be the only real “down side” to Journey; it’s only two hours long. I felt so engrossed in the stunning world and story that when it ended, I couldn’t help but feel like it ended somewhat suddenly.


I suppose that is part of the experience though – possibly even a metaphor to accompany one of the game’s many possible meanings.


Just to clarify: I don’t really have a complaint with the length of the game or its ending. It works perfectly fine as it is, I just wanted more!




Journey achieves more in 2 hours than many games can in ten times that. Not only does it look, sound and feel fantastic, it packs an unexpectedly emotional punch that left me awestruck for quite some time after playing. This is a beautiful game, no doubt about it, and even though it was a short journey, it’s one I definitely won’t forget any time soon.



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